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A Young Heart

Friends will come and friends will go
I never get use to the pain
of losing someone I have come to know
the tears still fall like rain

For every friend I have ever known
I say a prayer each nite
no matter how far apart we've grown
I still hold memories tight

for within those memories I can find
the happiness once shared
a simpler time passes through my mind
a time when we once dared

To open our hearts without reserve
innocent and naive
to seek the friendship we all deserve
a bond we did conceive

Yet somewhere along the way we lost
the need to be so close
into the wind the friendship, we tossed
as life dealt another dose

professional obligations and family ties
seemed to distract us away
no longer time to hear each other's cries
or to share each other's day

Then days turn to weeks and weeks to years
and all of a sudden we find
the only thing left of friendship is the tears
for the friends we left behind

The closeness destroyed by the need to succeed
all too soon we are left alone
to face the final years of our lives, when indeed
if we could have only known

how much we've missed that could have been shared
how rich our lives could be
if we had made the time to show how much we cared
if we had taken time to see

How truly meaningful life can be with good friends
and how lonely it is without
I encourage you now, in your youth, to make ammends
if you will, I have no doubt

In your later years, you will be glad you invested
the time it takes to nourish
lifelong friendships that will withstand being tested
and with tender care will flourish

Then you will find instead of memories and tears
you have a friend to hold 
if you take the time to help it grow thru the years
your heart will never grow old

DD ROBEY   10/22/98
Used with authors consent
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Music: For The Good Times

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