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Beauty of  Love

Beauty is a nature walk on a cool spring day
viewing emerging wonders, all along the way
blossoms being kissed with fresh morning dew
basking in the sun, as their delicate life renews

Beauty is the silence on a warm summer's eve
rocking on the porch, feeling a welcome breeze
wishing on a star, as it shoots across the sky
drifting into dream, closing sleepy eyes


Beauty is Autumn leaves, gently falling to the ground
revealing all their shades, of orange, yellow, and brown
reminding us of harvest, and how much we have been blessed
celebrations soon begin, with Turkeys, fully dressed.
Beauty is the Winter, with it's soft white blanket of snow
friends and family by the fireplace, with faces all a-glow
kneeling with our kids to pray, before tucking them in tight
snuggling into bed, as we kiss each other good-night
Beauty is all around us, with the coming of each new day
it's in the people we know, and in the things we do and say
it's the very world we live in, created by our Maker above
given to us all, with unconditional love
DD Robey 9/21/02
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