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Suicide is not the answer to the problems of life
it just brings more heartache, more pain, more strife
for those who would be left behind to carry on
left yearning for the loved one they miss, now gone

it is a senseless act; a coward's way out
of a lifetime of struggling, confusion and doubt
Can you not see that everything we become
is based on faith, not where we come from

Anything in life worth having is worth working hard for
including relationships, whether friend, family or lover
we all make mistakes, but how else can we learn 
to accept who we are, self respect we then earn

Life is not about keeping score; who will win or lose
it is about who we start out as, and how we choose
to live the rest of our lives whether in pain or glory
if we end it too soon, we never finish the whole story

A chapter is gone from all of our lives then, you see
the ending will never be what it was meant to be
the living left wondering, what went so wrong
that a heart gave up when once was so strong

When life is too much and we think we can't go on
we must forgive ourselves for what we have done 
then forgive others, for the wrongs we've endured
it was all foreseen, of this you can be assured

By the force who put us here when time began
Almighty God, the maker of the master plan
He knew in advance we would be who we are
a piece of the puzzle, and yet each one a star

The rain is his tears, shed out of love
the thunder his anger from high above
the sun his light so that we might see
all of the love he has for you and me

So when you are feeling so depressed and so blue
you can't find the answers, and don't know what to do 
don't think of suicide as the answer to your prayers
rather prayers as the answer to all of your fears

DD Robey 8/31/98

~Diane Robey ~
©used with permission






Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.  You are welcome to visit her wonderful site by clicking on her banner.  There she has CDs for sale, midis and MP3s!  This is an original composition entitled Emptiness.