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Once upon a time, in a far away land
A baby was born, Son of God, not man
He was placed in a manger, for all to see.
His father sent him, to save you and me.


His name was Jesus, and though he was poor,
He became a carpenter, and so much more.
With his Father's guidance, once he was grown,
He became the greatest man the world has ever known.


People traveled the land, spreading the news
They called him our Savior; King of the Jews.
They said he was sent by God Almighty above.
To give us the gifts of faith, hope, and love.


Most people were happy, except for a few
who feared the man known as King of the Jews.
They set out to hurt him, and take his life
thinking this would end all of their strife.


But on that third day, after Jesus died,
they found his tomb empty, and knew he'd not lied.
They feared God's revenge, not knowing what he'd do
Yet He opened his arms to them, just as he has to me and you.

Even though this all happened many years ago,
we tell our children the story, so they will know.
Christmas is a time to give thanks and celebrate
the birth of a child, who changed the world's fate.

© DD Robey 12/20/2001
Used with authors permission