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"~Thoughts At Christmas Time~"

 This is the day children wait for
when they anxiously wake to find
presents under the tree to adore
which Santa has left behind

 Christmas Day is finally here
they wish it would never end
impatiently, they wait all year
for the gifts, on which, they depend

Yet do they know, or really care
why we celebrate this way?
Is it only about the gifts we share
and the meal on Christmas Day?

I fear the true meaning has been lost
for the birthday celebration of our Lord
We tend to forget the extreme cost
to God, our Maker, for our own accord.

With the birth of Christ, a promise was kept
God unselfishly gave His only begotten Son
and as Jesus began his journey, God wept
because he knew what was still yet to come.

Yet He rejoiced at the gift he had given you and me
knowing our souls were reborn that day
we were given the gift of life, eternally
for which Jesus Christ, with his own life, did pay

The meaning of Christmas has been made very clear
it's a birthday celebration for christians everywhere
a time to celebrate with those we hold dear
and a time to thank God, because he cared.

So while you're busy making plans and decorating this year
wrapping gifts, baking goodies, and spreading good cheer
sharing a holiday feast with family and friends, so dear
don't forget to give thanks to the one who put us here

©2002 D D Robey
Used with the authors permission