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Along side him, she walked,
Just as she had been taught.
Silently she listened, as he talked,
Sharing with her, his every waking thought.

She was his confidante,
Always right by his side.
There was nothing more she could want.
There was nothing, from her, he could hide.

Such is the relationship
Between dog and man.
A wonderful friendship,
Each other's biggest fan.

She had seen him through the best 
And the roughest of times, too.
When she was put to the test,
Her loyalty always shined through.

Then one day she grew ill,
Becoming weak and scared.
Her duties she could no longer fill,
After all that they had shared.

She laid by his side
Growing weaker with each day,
Until the day she died
And God carried her away.

Yes, God has a place
For every creature on earth.
He has reserved a space
>From the day of their birth.

He watches over us all,
And through His Master Plan,
Those who heed His call
Will see the promised land.

He promises each and every one
That everything we need will be there,
When to His kingdom, we come,
Eternal life for all, will be shared.

So this I say, to the man who grieves
For the loss of his friend, so true ...
God holds a place for he who believes
And for all of his loved ones, too!

~Author DD Robey 7/15/02~

Dedicated to our "Missy"
Never forgotten, always a part of us.
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